Dealing with difficult customers

Equip your team with the core skills to manage challenging situations

Explore how our dealing with difficult customers programme helps frontline employees build skills and tactics to respond to challenging situations while maintaining a great customer experience.

Resources to access anytime

3 modules to pick and choose from

Online reinforcement

Managing difficult customers training

A learning experience designed to give employees additional skills to manage challenging situations

Difficult customers have always been a challenge but recently, frontline employees have increasingly had to deal with upset, angry and sometimes downright abusive customers. Our programme provides employees with limitless access to the tools and knowledge they need to manage these customers and their own wellbeing.

  • Challenge employees to think about what they could do differently
  • Provide ways for employees to access tools ‘in the moment’ when they need them
  • Become aware of the traps many people fall into when dealing with difficult situations

Learning modules

Build skills at scale

Managing you

  • Managing your self talk
  • Managing your defensiveness (red and green behaviours)
  • Watching your responses / looking the part (watching tone, words and body language)

Interactive elements

  • How our brains work , empathy and feelings
  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Solving problems and apologising
  • De-escalation

Managing onwards

  • Thriving
  • Staying motivated
  • Staying calm and taking care

What’s included

Resources to access anytime, anywhere

Our ready made dealing with difficult customers programme can be customised and is designed to be flexible so you can pick and choose the modules and material that are relevant to your context. Each module comes with:

Face-to-face workshops
Online workshops
E-learning modules
Online reinforcement  Q&As

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