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Leadership Programme

9 leadership modules


To create a programme that would raise the leadership and management capability of level 3 & 4 managers, embed Transpower’s newly rolled- out behaviours, and raise performance across the organization.


While navigating a shifting context, Transpower identified a need to be more agile, collaborative, and responsive to change. A transformation programme included the roll out of Transpower behaviours. They required a programme that would raise the leadership and management capability of their managers, embed Transpower’s behaviours, and raise performance across the organisation.


We designed a programme with practical and relevant modules each dealing with different topics that Transpower Leaders were facing as well as aligning with the new Transpower behaviours. The programme was rolled out to leaders over 2 years and included 9 modules, on topics such as Collaboration, Accountability, and Clarity.


The programme contributed to a shared language across the organisation and increased understanding and collaboration across functions. There has also been a lot of anecdotal evidence of more flexible mindsets in approaching a more unpredictable context for Transpower and examples of benefits of increased ability to listen, ask questions and understand different perspectives.

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