Diversity and inclusion programme

Build inclusive organisations that thrive

Explore how our diversity and inclusion blended learning solution help build self-awareness and a deeper understanding of other people and cultures.

Genuine mindset shift & behavioural change

5 modules to pick and choose

Online reinforcement

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

A blended learning solution approach based on research & neuroscience

Greater diversity means greater creativity, innovation, collaboration and better performance. Take advantage of the first diversity and inclusion programme across Asia Pacific region targeted at all employees. It aims to drive genuine mindset shift as well as behavioural and culture change at all levels across your organisation, allowing your employees to feel valued, respected, and confident.

  • Challenging and changing assumptions
  • Sharing stories and experiences
  • Creating new conversations
  • Reinforcing new knowledge and behaviour
  • Removing barriers to participation
  • Connecting and building a sense of belonging

Learning modules examples

Drive real change in your organisation

Building personal

Giving difficult

Setting & supporting

Making great

Setting personal priorities

What’s included

Resources to access anytime, anywhere

Our ready made diversity and inclusion programme can be customised and is designed to be flexible so you can pick and choose the modules and material that are relevant to your context.

Face-to-face workshops
Online workshops
Online reinforcement

“Companies that prioritise DEI are six times more likely to be innovative and agile, and twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets.”

Accenture 2019