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Grab is a rapidly expanding business across 8 South East Asian countries. They needed a scalable solution to support the onboarding of thousands of new drivers per week across all markets. The solution needed to integrate with the existing driver app and scale across its growing driver base. Grab was keen to increase the speed to earning for new drivers and to support drivers to improve their driver ratings by being both safe and providing exceptional customer service.


Grab had no centralized way of delivering training to drivers across markets as there was no integration across their onboarding and learning architecture. Due to this barrier, there was an inability to scale any training solution across the markets. The training content itself was often inconsistent and there was no established quality control and no central record being kept of driver training activities or compliance. All of these factors fed into onboarding where there was a lack of alignment in process, tracking and the majority of training was being done face to face, making it time consuming and costly.


Capability Group worked with Grab to build Grab Academy (powered by Axonify) and to completely reinvent the onboarding experience and delivery of continuous daily learning across their 8 markets. We developed an onboarding blueprint to be used across all markets to ensure consistency. Through integration we delivered Axonify to users through the existing Grab driver app bringing their work and training into one key location. Integrating with the existing digital architecture also allowed us to activate drivers almost instantly once they had completed their onboarding training while also tracking completions in key compliance areas.


With this new approach to onboarding and training Grab reduced its driver activation time from 2 days to 75 minutes. Over 500,00 drivers were activated in just 18 months, with an overall decrease of 45% in time spent on training during the onboarding process, allowing Drivers to start earning two days earlier. Grab also has a social impact strategy and has been able to use Grab Academy to build the digital literacy skills of its drivers.

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