How retail learns and gets things done

Transforming the skills and capabilities of your retail teams

At Capability Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by the retail sector. That's why we offer tailored solutions designed to ensure your employees deliver memorable customer experiences, drive sales, stay safe and embed new ways of working to drive the success of your brand in a highly competitive market.

Tailored solutions for the retail sector

Our solutions span the full retail employee lifecycle

Our evidence-based suite of solutions deliver game-changing learning experiences, fostering deeper engagement and facilitating lasting mindset shift and behaviour change.

Hire the best employees

Select the best employees with our bulk screening tool when you have to hire large numbers of frontline employees in a short timeframe.

Scalable onboarding experience

Ensure the onboarding experience is aligned with your recruitment promise and EVP and get them onto the shop floor quickly with an onboarding programme focussed on what they need to know to get started in their new role.

Accelerate skills development at scale

Support your frontline employees to deliver memorable customer experiences, drive sales, manage challenging customers and embed new ways of working.

Build the core skills of your managers

Build management skills with a programme designed to fit into the daily flow of work for your store managers and assistant store managers.

Build leadership capability

Build the leadership capability of your people leaders with a programme with a heavy focus on application of learning on the job so that your investment in leadership development translates to actual change on the job.

Effectively embed new ways of working at scale

Realise the benefit of your significant investment in digital transformation by effectively embedding new ways of working at scale. Leverage digital learning tools and platforms to provide an unforgettable learning experience.

“Axonify gives confidence that our team, once trained through the platform, is continually reminded about safe work practices, and their knowledge grows through to application—rather than degrading to forgetting over time.”

Aston Moss

GM of Human Resources | Briscoe Group

Retail impact stories

Deliver deeper and more engaging employee experiences

Building career pathways for all areas of the organisation

To support TWG agile transformation, we developed skills matrices for 120+ support roles. We also designed and delivered immersive VR Agile team development workshops to build cohesion quickly with Agile teams.

Harnessing frontline training to drive CX transformation

Dairy Farm partner with Axonify + Capability Group to deliver consistent frontline training and communications to 66K employees across 10K stores –in 10 markets across Asia, achieving 90% participation in training.

Boosting engagement during a pandemic

When lockdown closed their stores, Briscoe Group leveraged Axonify in creative ways to keep their 2.000 frontline employees engaged, informed and ready for reopening. During this period they achieved 2-3X average training per week.

A revolutionary approach for building knowledge and changing behaviour

By implementing Axonify, Walmart can now identify areas where safety behaviours are not being performed correctly and proactively investigate and address the issues before an incident occurs.

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