Hospitality training solutions

Deliver a best-in-class guest experience

In today's competitive landscape, exceeding guest expectations is crucial for success. Capability Group empowers your hospitality team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver exceptional service, cultivate guest loyalty, and drive business growth.

Tailored solutions for the hospitality sector

Drive, embed and achieve better hospitality outcomes

Our evidence-based suite of solutions deliver game-changing learning experiences, improving employee performance, increasing guest satisfaction, operation standards, and boosting your bottom line.

Hire the best employees

Select the best employees with our bulk screening tool when you have to hire large numbers of frontline employees in a short timeframe.

Scale your onboarding experience

Ensure seamless onboarding experiences aligned with your recruitment promise and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) with a scalable onboarding programme that gets new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Drive operational excellence

Deliver next-level guest experiences by enhancing employee performance. Reinforce SOPs, optimize task management in real time, and use data driven insights to foster a new era of operational excellence.

Accelerate skills development

Support your hospitality frontline employees to deliver memorable guest experiences, handle guest enquiries, manage challenging situations and embed new ways of working.

Embrace digital transformation

Leverage digital learning tools and platforms to provide an unforgettable learning experience enhancing skills development and knowledge retention without disrupting daily operations.

Hospitality learning solutions

Deliver more personalised and engaging employee experiences

Enhance employee engagement and retention

Reduce employee onboarding time

Improve compliance and operational efficiency

“Guest expectations are increasing significantly, whilst employee turnover rates continue to be high and employee engagement low across the hospitality sector. The best way for your employees to get their head around the ideal guest experience is to put themselves in the shoes of your customer and practice those interactions and services that can really make a difference. Then the trick is to reinforce those behaviours over time. The only way to do this in a scalable way is via digital solutions. Delivering great frontline training with really engaging digital solutions improves your EVP, builds team engagement and reduces the high cost of turnover.”

Martin Cerullo

Drew McGuire

CEO, Capability Group

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