Bespoke Leadership Programmes

A transformative approach to continuous leadership development

At Capability Group we deliver bespoke large-scale, integrated leadership development solutions for all levels of people leadership.

Human centred design

Evidence based leadership

Blended learning approach

Leadership Programme

Co-designed with leaders and tailored to your context

Designing a leadership programme that is based on your current state and future aspirations is critical to your success in building leadership capability and creating an adaptable organisation culture.

Human centred design

We take a human centred design approach, ensuring our strategy is specifically tailored to you and your current challenges and opportunities.

Evidence based leadership

Our evidence-based leadership solutions generate profound capability and organisational culture shifts. We constantly research the latest findings from neuroscience, behavioural psychology and leadership development, distilling a set of leadership development principles that inform the design of our programmes.

Ripple effect

Our bespoke leadership solutions are practical and focussed on shifting a few key cornerstone behaviours important to your organisation. They create a positive ripple effect into the families and communities of the participants in our programmes.

“It wasn't just let's get a group of people together and run some football programmes, but how can they be supported, how can they be developed and gain leadership and life skills that will help them in all areas of their life, not just football.”

Emma Evans

Women’s Football Manager at Oceania Football Confederation (OFC)

Blended & multi-dimensional leadership

Deliver deeper & more engaging learning experiences

Our multi-dimensional blended learning leadership programmes deliver deeper and more engaging learning experiences that accelerate behaviour change and make learning stick.

360 leadership diagnostics

Immersive VR experiences

Virtual adventure experiences

Microlearning digital content

Face-to-face or online workshops

Online Ready Made toolkits

Bespoke leadership programmes

Our leadership development expertise

At Capability Group we understand the importance of designing a leadership programme tailored to your unique needs, both the present and for your future aspirations. By aligning with your current state and long-term goals, our programmes empower leaders to develop essential leadership capabilities and foster a culture of adaptability within your organisation.

  • Leadership framework development
  • Leading self
  • Leading teams
  • Leading leaders
  • Leading the organisation
  • Pasifika leadership
  • Women in leadership

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