How retail giant, Briscoe Group, completely re-engineered its training approach in less than 6 months.

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How retail giant, Briscoe Group, completely re-engineered its training approach in less than 6 months.


Auckland, New Zealand

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Top challenges

Low knowledge retention among employees and a fragmented training process.

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Moving Briscoe Group’s 2,000 employees across almost 90 locations, including retail stores and support functions to a brand-new platform was a heavy lift. On top of that, rebuilding training content and strategy—and doing it all in less than 6 months—was a remarkable accomplishment.

The challenge

Aston Moss, General Manager of Human Resources (HR) at Briscoe Group, was already familiar with the concept of the forgetting curve. He knew that exposing employees to a 15-to-30-minute video followed by a few questions doesn’t work when it comes to information retention. But the challenge extended beyond the delivery method; it was also the quality of content within an overarching fragmented training process. Moss identified the need for a comprehensive solution to address these challenges and enhance the efficacy of their training process.

The solution

Capability Group took a design thinking approach not just to implement the Axonify platform but to rebuild Briscoe’s training content and transform its approach to training.

“With my background in a variety of other commercial roles, I knew we needed a training approach that would deliver change in the business—and those changes needed to impact the bottom line.” shares Moss. “Axonify stood out for a host of reasons. Its simplicity, the modern approach and the brain science behind it resonated with me.”

The results

Briscoe Group achieved 97% of its workforce engaged in 4-5 minutes of learning 3-4 times per week through lockdown. The continuous reinforcement approach definitely appears to be working. In fact, the Briscoe Group has seen an average employee knowledge growth of 12% across all departments and current knowledge levels are now at 96%, with knowledge in certain key topic areas growing by as much as 34%.

“The speed at which we’ve been able to transition from our incumbent vendor and rebuild our content —while developing completely new capability in our team—is really impressive.” Aston Moss, General Manager HR at Briscoe Group

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