Capability Group is officially a Certified B CorporationTM

We are proud to be a B Corp certified company creating a positive impact on our employees, clients and the communities in which we operate.

What is a B Corp certification?

We want to be part of the solution to the social, economic and environmental challenges currently facing us all

B Corp certification is a rigorous assessment of a company's impact on its workers, customers, community, and the environment. By becoming a Certified B Corp, we have demonstrated our dedication to using business as a force for good.

Capability Group’s contribution to SDG’s:

  • 3 dimensions of sustainable development (social, economic, environmental)
  • 5  sustainable development goals (SDGs) prioritised.

Our commitment to Sustainability

Be a force for positive change

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us. At Capability Group we understand that the choices we make today affect the world of tomorrow.  Here's how we incorporate sustainability:


Harnessing the power of learning to benefit individuals, the community and the environment.

Client & community care

Building partnerships with clients to actively shift mindsets and behaviours related to sustainability, enabling the connections and capabilities developed by individuals to flow through into their families and communities.


Promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth by creating quality employment opportunities and cultivating a culture of environmental responsibility and awareness.

Our social responsibility

Being a responsible business means caring for more than just the bottom line

We believe in giving back to our community and fostering positive social change. Here's what we have done so far:

B-Corp certified

Capability Group is officially a Certified B Corporation! This means we meet a high standard of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

UN Sustainable Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We have selected five goals we feel we can have the biggest impacts on.

New product developments

We are developing a suite of “sustainability” products and services to support our clients to become more sustainable by building relevant skills, changing mindsets and behaviours and shifting organisation culture.

Sustainable partnerships

We are proactively seeking out client projects and assignments that are related to shifting mindsets and behaviours related to sustainability.

"Doing good" for us as a business is not just a moral obligation, it’s also a strategic imperative. We know our solutions impact people, their mindsets, behaviours and skills. The B Corp process has established a baseline for our current business practices and highlighted opportunities for further growth and development.

Drew McGuire

CEO, Capability Group

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