Management programme

Build the core skills of great managers

As leaders, we bring vision, inspiration and direction. As managers, we need to have our feet firmly on the ground to ensure tasks are done expertly and efficiently for the smooth running of our organisation’s people and its resources.

Resources to access anytime

Over 15 modules to pick and choose

Online reinforcement

Management development training

A step-by-step, evidence-based approach to acquiring knowledge and skills

A great manager requires an extensive set of skills, from planning and delegation to communication and motivation. Our management programmes not only puts these skills to the test, it also provides managers with limitless access to the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.

  • Challenge managers to think about what they could do differently
  • Provide ways for managers to access tools ‘in the moment’ when they need them
  • Allow managers, the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other managers
  • Become aware of the traps many people fall into when managing others

Learning modules examples

Build management skills at scale

Building personal

Giving difficult

Setting & supporting

Making great

Setting personal priorities

Managing poor

Facilitating effective

Becoming an
inclusive leader

Building cultural

Managing simple

What’s included

Resources to access anytime, anywhere

Our ready made management programme can be customised and is designed to be flexible so you can pick and choose the modules and material that are relevant to your context. Each module comes with:

Face-to-face workshops
Online workshops
Online reinforcement

Let’s reimagine learning in your organisation!

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