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To design a Women’s Football Capacity Building programme, and upskill OFC Women’s Development Officers and Just Play Officers across the Oceania region to deliver it within their own Member Associations.


Research indicates that girls and women experience discrimination, exclusion, marginalization and face inequalities in education, decision-making processes and access to health services. In light of this OFC intend to use Football for Development to build stronger, healthier communities and address social issues affecting girls and women across Oceania. OFC engaged Capability Group to design a learning programme including an overview of Women’s Football, life skills, management and administration skills to be delivered in each of the 10 countries covered by OFC and to build the capability of a small group of OFC’s team to be able to deliver this programme.


Capability Group designed the Women’s Football Capacity Building Programme, including 3 x 1 day workshops, to be delivered to women in the Oceania region. We also designed and delivered a Train the Trainer programme, to build the capability of OFC Women’s Development Officers and Just Play Officers to deliver the Capability Building Programme in their own countries.


The Zoom 90min sessions provided an opportunity for the Women’s Development Officers and Just Play Officers to meet, learn and share in intimate breakout sessions. A great sense of connection and trust developed with each session. The individual coaching sessions provided opportunities for participants to experience the benefit of some of the concepts and tools included in the programme themselves that they would be training others in. Following the train-the-trainer sessions, all participants have gone on to facilitate the programme at least once for women in football across most of the 10 Pacific Island nations.

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