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Dairy Farm has multiple brands (like Guardian, 7-Eleven and IKEA) across many markets and geographies, operating 10,000 grocery, health, beauty, home furnishing and convenience outlets. Dairy Farm were embarking on a whole organisation transformation and were looking for a solution to help them embed new ways of working resulting from changes to operational processes and support the release of new products across the business.


Dairy Farm required a solution to get the right training and communications to their 66,000 frontline team members across stores, distribution and support centres. The solution needed to be able to deliver critical compliance training while also allowing for adaption to different markets and brands.


Working closely with the Capability Group implementation team, Dairy Farm embarked on the implementation of Axonify in early 2020 across 10 markets. Our implementation goals focused on building high levels of adoption and rapid completion of a number of business-critical training topics. Collaboration and communications with each in-market team across the business were a key to the success of the project, ensuring that this wasn’t just another ‘HR platform’ but a business success platform for all team members. We were also able to integrate with Dairy Farm’s new digital rewards program, a first of its kind in their market, providing further incentive to staff and clearly displaying that the business supported the development of all team members.


The implementation saw Dairy Farm achieve its goals with a 90% participation rate and 100% completion of a number of critical training topics by over 20,000 team members. Using the insights from Axonify, Dairy Farm is now able to proactively identify and address knowledge gaps to make sure every team member is trained and providing exceptional customer service. Dairy Farm has continued to roll-out Axonify to all of its markets and team members, achieving the same high levels of adoption and engagement in daily learning.

“We had two weeks to train 22,00 people, with 10 modules. We did it through Axonify and we got it all done, 100% completion”

Martin Cerullo, Group Talent Director DFG & Regional People Leader

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