E-learning solutions

Elevate your e-learning experience

Bring your digital learning content to life with new design tools and apps that will transform the online learning experience in your organisation.

Interactive and adaptive elements

Engaging, fun and gamified experience

Customised e-learning modules

E-learning content

“Just because you've completed a module doesn't mean you know it.”

The goal of any type of learning is to enable the learner to retain and use the information presented. If the knowledge isn’t retained or applied, then the learning isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. Ask yourself, are your current e-learning modules delivering the experience and results you want? Or is it just a box-ticking exercise?

  • Digital learning beyond completions
  • Complement F2F workshops
  • Engaging and adaptive experiences
  • Reinforcing new knowledge and behaviours

Our e-learning approach

More engaging and more impactful

We have reimaged e-learning by using new tools and technologies to really bring digital content to life.

Customised content

Learning can be tailored to individual needs, roles and responsibilities instead of standardised, generic content.

Interactive elements

Choose from more than 30 different interactions including flip cards carousels 2D animation and branched videos.

Gamified experience

Add gamification elements for a much more engaging experience.

Bite-sized learning

Deliver content in bite-sized chunks for learning that sticks.

E-learning for employee training

Champion the learning experience

Choose from a range of design features to create creative, engaging and adaptive learning experiences.

Onboarding new hires

Compliance content

Health and safety content

Policies and procedures

Management development

Functional / technical knowledge

Systems / IT training

Leadership development

Let’s reimagine learning in your organisation!

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