Products & solutions used


20% decrease in

onboarding timeframes


To create an efficient and engaging onboarding experience for new call centre staff, reducing time to competency, compliance breaches, and staff turnover.


New staff were faced with an overwhelming amount of content to learn for them to be effective in their jobs, and this resulted in compliance breaches, customer complaints, and staff turnover. The rapid pace and breadth of knowledge required in this workplace is a challenge for many staff.


Capability Group assessed the content requirements to get staff on the job as quickly as possible and applied this lens to create an onboarding programme targeted at essential skills, knowledge, and behaviour. This targeted approach ensures that staff are well supported through their onboarding and have access to a reinforcement program that reduces the forgetting curve, enabling them to better support Energy Australia customers.


An overall reduction in the time spent in face-to-face facilitated sessions saved Energy Australia money and time, while reducing the cognitive load of new employees. This reduction was evidenced in better satisfaction stores by people progressing through the onboarding program, and a reduction in compliance breaches, customer complaints, and a marked improvement in the quality of new staff’s ability to function quickly on the job.

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