How Chorus used the Talent Potential Solution to streamline their talent identification process

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How Chorus used the Talent Potential Solution to streamline their talent identification process


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Chorus is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company. They maintain and build a network predominantly made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets, and copper and fibre cables.

The challenge

Chorus was coming to the end of the broadband fibre network roll out across the country and there was a critical need for the organisation to think differently about how they identify talent. This led Chorus to partner with Capability Group and Divergent & Co to assess the leadership capability in the organisation.

The solution

Previously, talent identification at Chorus was largely an ad-hoc process. “There wasn’t really a system in place,” says Culpan. “Talent identification was typically based on a chat between senior managers and the executive team, as opposed to a systematic, robust analysis of the people and capabilities in the leadership team”

During the lockdown in 2020, Divergent & Co teamed up with Capability Group to leverage their expertise in talent assessment measurement and data analytics to turn the paper-based survey into a sophisticated online survey and reporting tool.

The Talent Potential Tool is a more objective way of assessing your talent pool and is designed to help line managers make better judgments to identify, manage and keep great people. It can also help organisations analyse and address issues with diversity and inclusion

The results

The executive team at Chorus reviewed the data from the Talent Potential Survey as part of a broader discussion of the talent within the organisation. For Chorus, it was a new way of thinking about the talent identification process. Some of the questions the survey helped answer included:

  • How engaged and aligned are these people in the organisation?
  • What potential do they have to develop and grow into more complex roles?
  • What individual and collective strengths and development areas do our leaders have?

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