Jenson8 Immersive learning platform

Accelerate mindset shift & behaviour change creating learning that sticks

Jenson8 combines behavioural psychology, engaging gamification and expert facilitation to revolutionise leadership and team development.


Deliver an open, diverse, inclusive and immersive memorable experience.


Ensure your teams stay connected to and invested in your organisation.


Provide tangible, data-driven development paths for individuals &  teams.

Why Jenson8?

A psychologically safe space for people to try, fail and learn

Supported by extensive scientific research, Jenson8 provides robust data for individuals and teams to understand, question, and transform their behaviours. These valuable insights can be effectively utilised by organisations in their development initiatives.

Immersive experience

Jenson8 platform takes participants into an immersive world where they collaborate on gamified problem-solving tasks.

Intuitive reactions

The immersive nature of the platform and the pressure that the tasks create reveal individual behaviours and team dynamics.

Tangible data

The platform captures the participants’ behaviour in-game and correlates it with psychometric testing.

Experiential approach

You get a clear picture of how your people work together and their individual behaviours to support development programmes.

“Jenson8 is all about impactful group experiences that generate deep personal insights and result in accelerated team cohesion and development of leadership skills”.

Drew McGuire

CEO, Capability Group

Jenson8 use-cases

Empowering teams and leaders to drive business impact

Leadership development

Develop individuals to become capable leaders who can lead others and facilitate the environment for success. Effective leaders and managers should have the ability to lead and motivate their teams, while also delegating tasks wisely and equipping their teams with the necessary resources to carry out those tasks efficiently.

Team Development

Cultivate and sustain a mindset of continuous learning. It encourages individuals to view challenges as chances for personal growth and improvement, embracing failure as a valuable learning opportunity. This application is particularly beneficial for larger groups, promoting a collective approach to learning and fostering a culture of ongoing development.

Diversity & Inclusion

Promote inclusivity in teams and organizations by encouraging individuals to support one another, actively confront biases, embrace diverse viewpoints, and prioritize the collective needs of the group rather than individual objectives.

Ethical Behaviour

This application focuses on demonstrating ethical conduct, giving priority to the safety of the group over individual interests, and practising careful management of group resources.

Cultural Change

Develop the ability to adapt and thrive in unpredictable and evolving situations, demonstrating resilience in the face of new challenges.

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