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Digital Learning

Beyond completion

Most e-learning solutions don't do what they’re designed to do. The goal is to help your people retain and apply information they’ve learned. The reality is often low engagement and completion rates. At Capability Group, we design custom e-learning content that goes beyond completion.

E-learning made easy.

How is our solution different from traditional e-learning solutions?

We build customised digital learning modules from scratch.

With our design tools and apps we can get creative with visual design and introduce interactive and adaptive elements and gamification to the e-learning experience so it’s:

More engaging

More adaptive to the individual learners needs

More impactful

More likely the learning sticks

Features that make learning fun

Choose from a range of design features to create creative, engaging and adaptive learning experiences.


Learning can be tailored to individual needs, roles and responsibilities instead of standardised, generic content.


Choose from more than 30 different interactions including flip cards carousels 2D animation and branched videos.


Add gamification elements for a much more engaging experience.


Build rich HTML5 modules for dynamic e-learning content.


Content can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Deliver content in bite-sized chunks for learning that sticks.

What type of content is this solution suitable for?

Onboarding new hires

Compliance content

Health and safety

Policies and procedures

Ethics and values content

Functional / technical knowledge

Systems / IT training

Leadership development

Management development

Whatever your learning needs are, we can design a e-learning solution to suit you.

Our approach to e-learning module design is perfect for:

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