What are you doing to ensure that your business is prepared for the future?

The emerging field of skill data enables you to uncover areas of weakness, and point you towards the right steps to improve in your business. Chances are you are already collecting valuable information- learn how to put your data to good use.

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Organisations that prioritize data driven decision making are twice a likely to have significantly exceeded business goals.

In this period of disruption HR, talent and learning professionals are facing increased pressure to be ‘business enablers’. Managers are required to identify high performers, identify growth opportunities, and assign projects to teams with complementary skills. Business leaders need visibility over their people’s skills and how they relate to organisational goals to ensure the success of these initiatives.

All this calls for a more data driven and strategic approach to people development – and fortunately, organisations are increasingly viewing corporate learning, talent, and HR technologies as an investment in growth and not an expense to the business- it is time to lean in to that shift. If you are expected to provide career growth; reallocate people as priorities shift; generate definitive ROI on investment in people; close skills gaps; and decrease spending on external recruitment- then you need to ensure you have the right mechanisms in place to assess where your people’s skills lie.

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