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Operating at the intersection of behavioural psychology, learning design, and learning technology, we are creating powerful learning experiences that transform individuals, teams, and organisational performance at scale.

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Integrated learning development solutions

Leadership development solutions

We take a human-centred design approach to our integrated leadership development programmes, which ensures it is tailored to your context, your current challenges and opportunities, and your strategic objectives.

Blended learning and digital solutions

Whether it’s stepping into a virtual reality world, interacting with animations, social learning via engaging face to face workshops or having bite-size bursts of information at your fingertips, our blended learning programmes are what modern learning is made of.

E-learning solutions

We bring your digital learning content to life with new design tools and apps that will transform the online learning experience in your organisation. At Capability Group, we design custom e-learning content that goes beyond completion.

Immersive learning experiences

In today's world, deep functional expertise can no longer solve complex business issues. The immersive nature of multiplayer virtual reality training lends itself very well to developing these skill sets in leaders and their teams.

Find & keep the best talent

Getting the right people in the right roles is critical to gearing people and organisations for success. We do this by using strategic data analytics and assessment reports to scout the perfect fit for every role, organisational requirement and your investment parameters.

Modern frontline training and communications

Axonify is a modern LMS training platform designed to give your frontline workforce the ability to train in the flow of their day to day routine.

Why Capability Group

The ripple effect

Our solutions not only transform individuals, teams, and organisational performance, but they generate a ripple effect, causing the connections and capabilities developed by individuals on our programmes or using our solutions to flow through into their families and communities.

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