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Using technology platforms to deliver learning across organisations is commonplace today. Now they can also help quantify a programme’s value and commercial impact if you know what solutions to look for.

That’s where learning platforms that capture rich data and provide real-time insights come to the fore. If learning and development teams are supplied with the right data, they can connect individual capabilities with organisational outcomes. Therein, the link between learning and business performance can be revealed.

Before deciding which learning platform to adopt, there are a number of data and analytics related questions to consider. These largely relate to determining what data your business needs. First, ask what business challenges you are looking to overcome and what data will illuminate related pain points.

Second, ask who in your business requires the data outputs and what type of information is best suited to their needs. For example, should findings be numerical or text-based and what is the ideal regularity and format of reporting? Then determine what resources are available to collect and analyse the data.

Impact is multidimensional

At Capability Group, we employ the data capture tools embedded within our preferred technology platforms: Insite, Axonify, Degreed, and RevealVR. These are not only capable of delivering scalable, immersive, and engaging content; they contribute to a diverse, high-quality data set that helps track programme performance and its impact on individuals and the organisation.

Using our deep understanding of learning methodologies and technology-enabled delivery, Capability Group helps clients identify and interpret the right data sets, accelerate collection, optimise programme delivery, and quantify the impact. We embed and utilise the following when delivering multi-dimensional solutions to clients:

Unifying data collected across the learning journey

Most of the solutions we design for clients today are digitally-enabled blended learning solutions that incorporate one, or several, of the learning technologies described above, as well as digital content.  When we tailor a solution to deliver a specific learner experience, we can also map the data collection points across each stage of the process, as can be seen in the diagram below.

This can start with peer and manager feedback gathered as the programme begins, move to on-the-job learnings, and then produce behavioural data through a VR experience used to consolidate learning. Bookended by a 360 diagnostic to understand end-to-end progress, it can conclude with a post-programme review of engagement and retention metrics.

Impact in action

In our work with Energy Australia, we recently used the Axonify platform to create an efficient and engaging onboarding experience for their new call centre staff, reducing the time to competency, compliance breaches, and staff turnover. The challenge was to overcome the overwhelming amount of information and knowledge new call centre staff are required to serve their customer base effectively and efficiently.

We also helped Grab reduce its new driver activation time from 2 days to 75 minutes using Axonify and integrating it with the Grab driver app. Over 500,00 drivers were activated in just 18 months, with an overall decrease of 45% in online training time, allowing Drivers to start earning two days earlier.

To find out more about how the latest learning technology can help enhance programme design and quantify business impact, and the success our clients have achieved, read our latest eBook “Learning Impact”.

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