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94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if there was investment in their learning and development.

But how do you decide what programmes to invest in? And, more importantly, how do you measure the return on your investment?

The ‘Crystallising Impact’ ebook explains how rich data is transforming our understanding of the impact learning has on organisational performance.

Measuring the value of learning and development has always been challenging. Value means different things to different people within an organisation. But the current skills shortage and ‘War for Talent’ has made it more important than ever to get the most bang for your buck from your learning and development budget.

Traditional forms of learning and development are limited in how much relevant data or useful feedback they deliver. However, new digital solutions make it easier for organisations to deliver more engaging and effective learning programmes and capture high-quality data at the same time.

Download the full guide and learn how two companies use digital solutions and rich data to reinvent their retail learning and development programmes.

In this E-book we look at:


how to design programmes that embed data collection


the technologies that provide multi-dimensional data


how the findings can help organisations optimise their learning and development offer

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