The ripple effect

Drew McGuire
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We’ve been having lots of conversations here at Capability Group about who we are, why we do what we do and the impact we want to have.  As a result of these conversations we made an interesting observation. Our solutions not only transform individuals, teams, and organisational performance, they also generate a ripple effect, causing the connections and capabilities developed by individuals on our programmes or using our solutions to flow through into their families and communities.

We had talked about this from time to time over recent years as anecdotal stories filtered back to us from our clients.  When we explored this a bit deeper as part of our re-branding process we realised the impact of what we do is much broader than we ever imagined. This realisation has taken our passion and commitment for what we do to a whole new level!

Here’s some examples.

The ripple effect is apparent across the APAC region where our solutions empower more than 1.5 million people to connect, learn and make a difference. Each of these individuals have access to learning on their mobile devices via the Axonify platform. They take this learning home to their families and share videos and quizzes with their partners and children. If their employers have a social agenda (as is the case with our most significant client in the region), they are able to build the digital literacy of their employees as well as their families, creating new job opportunities and helping to lift significant populations across 8 SEA developing countries out of poverty.

Through our partnerships with SOLGM, OFC and Sport NZ we are lifting the leadership capability of people leaders, women in leadership, future leaders and Chief Executives across every region of NZ. The flow on impact of this is inspiring and significant. With programme participants taking their new leadership skills into their families, sports teams, communities and regional groups the possibilities across regional NZ are endless!

We have had the privilege of working with OFC on two initiatives in 2020. The first is a Women’s Capability Programme that will be delivered by local Women’s Development Officers to many groups of women across each of the 11 Pacific Island nations. The second initiative has involved training up the Women’s Development Officers in each country to facilitate ideation workshops as part of a design thinking approach to the development of an OFC Women in Football Strategy and a OFC Social Responsibility Strategy. The purpose of these initiatives is to “build the capacity of those working, or aspiring to work, in women’s football, in order to enhance the development and sustainability of women’s football, build stronger communities, and enhance the quality of life of girls and women throughout the region. ”The ripple effect of the individual and collective work of all women and girls engaged in these initiatives will allow so many to fulfil their potential and will change lives for the better.

The team at Capability Group are hugely passionate about all of these projects and energised by the potential of the broader impact we can have through the work that we do. It’s provided all of us with a deep sense of purpose, motivation and drive. Our connections with each other and with our clients have never been as strong as they are today. The ripple effect we can create together through the partnerships we have with our clients inspires us and we look forward to even greater impact in 2021 and beyond.

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