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The learning landscape has changed drastically. The implementation of new technologies and ideologies surrounding learning has swept through corporates and academia alike, with the demand for more accessible (and useful) learning experiences surpassing the ability to provide them for many.

Over the next couple of weeks, The Changing Landscape of Learning Series will outline the reasons behind the changes we’re seeing, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and explain how we can stay ahead of the curve, anticipating what is to come to create the best learning experiences today, and into the future.

Learning through change in 2021

The essential skills we need to succeed in the modern workplace change constantly, because the world around us changes constantly. Sometimes these changes are more sedate and measured as our jobs naturally change and our careers grow over time, and other times the change is rapid and turbulent.

Over the past 12-14 months, L&D teams have been forced to rapidly respond to drastic changes, fighting fires, maintaining operations, and quickly jumping to online learning in the face of a global pandemic that has forever changed the way we see work and learning.

We’ve collated some of the key trends in the changes to learning that we feel other teams and professionals need to be aware of:

1. The digital tidal wave

Zoom and Teams have become the mainstay of many workplaces, with more and more people opting to work and train from home, and with teams more geographically dispersed than ever before.

The problem is many of these online formats are not easily accessible to all employees. Many frontline employees still don’t have email addresses let alone access to digital learning content. A digital divide has emerged between those who sit at desks at home or in the office and those on our frontline.

2. Strategies and priorities

Business strategies are constantly shifting and priorities are being shuffled. Again we’ve seen an acceleration of these shifts over the past 12 months. Digitalisation of everything at pace, building agile organisations and adaptable mindsets, downsizing, re-recruiting at scale … the list goes on.

Innovative thinking is leading to new practices and processes.  As many of your organisations explore growth opportunities again, businesses are seeking innovative solutions and ways of working and an entrepreneurial mindset from their employees.

3. Rules and regulations

New rules and regulations are implemented, sometimes at lightning speed.  For example, the reforms that are currently impacting the Aged Care sector in Australia with new quality standards, business models, and compliance requirements to name just a few.

4. Customers’ values

Customers’ values and behaviours evolve to suit the global landscape of demand.  This has accelerated to a whole new level with the rapid switch to online sales and support for many major retailers around the globe, with many facing technological and organisational overhauls to cope.

5. New technologies

New technologies are creating new possibilities. This is where things get really exciting in terms of assessing the skills you have today and delivering learning and building engagement across geographically dispersed workforces.

Want to learn more about the Changing Landscape of Learning of 2021?
Check out our next blog for a deep dive into the biggest learning challenges for the next 24 – 36 months.

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