Microlearning: The big impact strategy for retail success

The retail industry is constantly changing with new trends and evolving customer expectations. Training your team can feel like an uphill due to limited time, especially for frontline workers. Here are few reasons why microlearning is a game-changer for retail success

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Microlearning: The big impact strategy for retail success

The retail industry is in constant change. New trends emerge daily, customer expectations evolve rapidly, and keeping your team informed and skilled can feel like an uphill battle. On top of all these external factors, there’s a common training barrier among most industries: TIME especially in retail, where frontline workers need to be on the floor as quickly as possible, there’s very limited time for training. However, the performance expectations for frontline employees remain high. This is where microlearning becomes so critical. It allows you to find the balance between limited time and resources with the ability to deliver business impact. Let’s delve into a few reasons why microlearning is a game-changer for retail success.

It fits the flow of everyday work minimising disruption to essential retail operations

Workplace training commonly occurs during work time, and this can have an adverse impact on productivity. Microlearning delivers bite-sized bursts of information, typically in short videos, interactive modules, or gamified experiences. These bite-sized lessons are easily digestible, readily accessible on mobile devices, and perfect for busy retail schedules.

Its proven brain science translates into improved employee knowledge retention

The human brain isn’t built to remember a firehose of information. Long training sessions often lead to glazed-over eyes and forgotten information. Spaced repetition, a technique used in microlearning, delivers information in short bursts over time, leading to better long-term retention. It focuses on specific, targeted topics, making the information easier to absorb and remember. Different from traditional learning methods, this technique supports ongoing reinforcement so employees are not subjected to the forgetting curve. It fosters continuous knowledge growth within the workflow, closing knowledge gaps for every employee no matter how long they’ve been on the job.

It boosts engagement reflecting in better customer service and store performance

When employees feel invested in their roles and understand the company's goals, they're more likely to go the extra mile for customers. This translates into greater interactions, a willingness to solve problems creatively, and a genuine passion for helping shoppers find what they need.Microlearning boosts engagement by providing employees with knowledge that is relevant to their daily tasks in a fun and interactive way. These short, informative bursts keep employees feeling empowered and up-to-date, allowing them to confidently address customer inquiries and deliver a consistently positive experience.

Go even further with adaptive microlearning

It’s not enough to simply make training available in bite-size pieces of information. An effective learning strategy should also be adapted to each employee. Regardless of the tool you’re using to deliver your microlearning training, it's important to note that some microlearning tools offer greater customisation than others. Axonify for example utilises an adaptive algorithm. This algorithm identifies each employee's need delivering the appropriate content to close their specific knowledge gaps, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

Data is your retail super power

Traditional training methods often leave you with basic completion rates and scores, offering a limited view of your employees' knowledge and skillsets. But with a powerful microlearning tool, you can capture in-depth data on learner progress and identify specific knowledge gaps, showing you exactly where your team excels and where they require additional support. This actionable data allows for targeted coaching and intervention, maximising the effectiveness of your training programme. With a robust microlearning tool, data becomes your secret weapon, ensuring your workforce is equipped with the right knowledge to deliver exceptional customer service and drive retail success.

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