Making VR learning accessible to all: Meet Uptale, Capability Group’s new VR partner.

The pace of digital transformation continues unabated across many large organisations and most sectors in the APAC region. As a result, employees need to adapt and learn new skills and new ways of working quickly and efficiently.

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Making VR learning accessible to all: Meet Uptale, Capability Group’s new VR partner.


Capability Group and Uptale have partnered to introduce Uptale’s immersive learning platform to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to support organisations to shift skills at scale across geographically dispersed teams.

This strategic partnership underscores Capability Group’s dedication to advancing learning experiences that are not only captivating but also efficient, cost-effective, and impactful.

The Uptale platform empowers organisations to create immersive virtual reality content effortlessly, starting from simple 360° captures. With a no-code approach, the platform democratises the creation of rich interactive experiences for all industries and training topics.

Drew McGuire, Capability Group’s CEO, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its alignment with our Extended Reality Practice:

“The Uptale platform has quickly become an important part of our XR landscape across the APAC region. What has been interesting is that this 360 video-based VR solution seems to intuitively make sense to the clients we talk to. The old ways of learning about the machinery or equipment you use every day, how to work safely in any environment, how to be better prepared for all sorts of unexpected scenarios, etc, just don’t cut it anymore.  When the best way to learn something is by doing it, but that is either really hard to scale or practice safely, that’s where VR and Uptale come to the fore. We are really excited about incorporating Uptale into our XR practice and supporting our clients to deliver transformational learning experiences that enhance employee wellbeing, grow skills and positively shift the customer experience and business performance.  CGL’s Extended Reality Practice”

The top advantages of training with Uptale

  1. Train safely: Uptale enables organisations to simulate real-world scenarios, reducing risks and ensuring safe training environments.

  2. Reduce training time and costs: The immersive nature of Uptale's experiences accelerates learning, leading to a significant reduction in training time and associated costs.

  3. Increase training impact and learner engagement: By providing lifelike environments and interactive modules, Uptale enhances knowledge retention and learner engagement.

  4. Distribute VR at scale: Share consistent training to any device (smartphone, VR headsets, tablets, laptops), translate your modules in a few clicks (+40 languages available), LMS & SSO integrations.

  5. Cost-effective platform: With a no-code approach and simple 360° captures, Uptale makes immersive learning accessible to organisations of all sizes.

Organisations partnering with Uptale have achieved remarkable results, including a 50% reduction in operator training time at Stellantis, 3,000 hours saved for on-site induction at CEA, a 90% reduction in safety training costs at Alstom, and a 5X improvement in employee engagement at L'Oréal.

For David Ristagno, Uptale’s CEO,

“Capability Group emerges as the ideal partner for Uptale's solution deployment, leveraging their profound expertise in learning, mastery of XR technologies, and their customers' trust. Together, we unite innovation and experience, paving the way for shared success.”

About Uptale
Uptale is at the forefront of immersive learning, creating dynamic virtual reality experiences through 360° captures and a no-code approach. Uptale's platform transforms traditional training into engaging, interactive learning journeys, empowering organisations to elevate their workforce efficiency.

Learn more about Uptale: Website | YouTube | LinkedIn

Uptale Media Contact
Nicolas Couturier | APAC Account Executive

About Capability Group
Operating at the intersection of behavioural psychology, learning design, and learning technology, Capability Group is creating powerful learning experiences that transform individuals, teams, and organisational performance at scale.

Capability Group Media Contact
Maria Torres | Brand and Marketing Manager

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