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Capability Group
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A training platform based on the latest science on what constitutes effective learning is set to help boost both the skills and confidence of management and key workers in the aged care sectors in Australia and New Zealand.  

Experts in learning design and technology backed by research, Capability Group’s unique use of technology platforms allows it to personalise learning experiences at scale, bringing ‘learning anywhere, anytime’ to life.

The technology used to deliver these unique, bespoke learning experiences uses repetition and is accessible via a hand-held or desk top devices. The combined technology and methodology are designed to ensure that learning sticks and it’s proven to help uplift leadership and management capability and to deliver skills learning and engagement to frontline workers.

Bespoke training and technology

Capability Group works with organisations to address gaps they perceive in the training and skills of their workers. They partner with experts in technology such as Canadian company Axonify, which has delivered training to more than 2.8 million employees around the world.

This platform has proven successful in delivering onboarding programs through to soft skills, technical training and compliance certifications. It aims to deliver bite-sized content several times during each and every working week, providing employees with fun, fast, personalised training. This method is good for time-poor frontline workers with heavy workloads.

Managers can also receive real-time vbdata insights into the skills acquired, areas that need greater training, confidence in what they know and employee engagement in the learning process.

Deeper and more engaged learning

Capability Group designs its programs with the following key learning principles in mind:

For leaders in the aged care sector, there is a pressing need to develop clinical leadership and a frontline staff capabilities and resilience. There’s also a focus on training health professionals entering leadership and management roles.

Identifying the education, training and engagement needs for aged care workers across the sector is critical as new models of care and new ways of delivering care are required to meet ever-changing quality standards. Embracing the role that technology will play in future aged-care delivery and in preparing the current and future workforce is key to addressing these challenges.

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