Investing wisely: The strategic value of the right learning platform 

With the rise of generative AI and a focus on personalisation , the latest Forrester’s report goes beyond just analysing existing Learning Management Systems (LMS). It unveils the future of learning. 

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Investing wisely: The strategic value of the right learning platform 

As we all know, the pace of technological change is accelerating rapidly. To thrive in this environment data and insights about the skills and capabilities of your workforce are incredibly important to support both strategic and tactical decisions.

Forrester's recent report on Learning Management Systems & Experience Platforms sheds light on how organisations can unlock value and drive success through a holistic approach to learning and development.  

Whether you are looking for a new LMS, looking to optimise your existing one, or understanding the evolving trends in the learning space, Forrester's report offers a comprehensive analysis of the current market dynamics, notable vendors, top use cases, and the upcoming trends shaping the future of learning technology.

The strategic value of the right learning platform

Today’s business environment is facing a skills revolution. Rapid technological advancements, coupled with changing market demands, require a workforce that is not just adaptable but continuously upskilled. An advanced LMS serves as the compass in this journey, offering a centralised platform for targeted and personalised training programmes.

By tailoring learning pathways the right learning platform ensures that employees receive the role-based learning they need directly related to their individual knowledge gaps. This agility not only enhances employee skills and knowledge levels  but also empowers your organisation to stay ahead of your competitors.

Understanding the effectiveness of training initiatives is also critical. Through comprehensive analytics, leaders can measure employee progress, identify areas of strength and weakness, and make informed decisions that improve training strategies.

You are not just investing in a platform, you are investing in your employees

A modern employee learning platform encourages active participation, transforming learning from a passive exercise into an engaging journey, heightening employee engagement, and fostering a positive workplace culture.  Through the integration of gamification, social learning, and on-the-job training, organisations can cultivate a culture of continuous  learning that not only enhances individual performance but also drives organisational success.

Choosing the right learning platform

Forrester's report presents a comprehensive overview of 22 LMS’s and learning experience platforms, including our partners Axonify and Degreed. Here’s a quick overview of what you will find in the report to help you choose the right platform for your organisation:

  • Market definition: Understand the nuances between learning management systems and learning experience platforms and how they play a pivotal role in delivering, reporting, and optimising a learning culture.
  • Business value: Gain insights into how learning platforms contribute to compliance training, skills development, and an overall understanding of organisational learning needs.
  • Market maturity: Explore the evolution of learning platforms, from their early focus on compliance to the current emphasis on learner, author, and administrator experiences.
  • Market dynamics: Navigate the rapidly changing landscape with a focus on key trends, challenges, and disruptors, including the role of AI in content development.
  • Notable vendors: Identify and evaluate learning platform vendors based on size, industry focus, deployment options, and geographic focus.
  • Top use cases: Discover the core use cases of compliance training, employee skills development, and process training, as well as extended use cases like onboarding, change management and more.
  • Functionality by use case: Delve into the functionality offered by learning platforms, differentiating their capabilities within core and extended use cases.
  • Vendor focus: Explore the top three extended use cases that vendors prioritise, providing a deeper understanding of their areas of expertise.

By adopting a scalable and adaptable learning platform, organisations remain agile and responsive to emerging challenges. A learning platform is more than a mere tool, it is a strategic asset that empowers people leaders and L&D teams to build a workforce capable of navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Embrace the insights, stay ahead of the curve, and revolutionise your approach to learning and development.

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