Degreed arrives in Asia

Capability Group + Degreed partner to support APAC companies to create a continuous learning culture that attracts, grows and retains talent.

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Degreed arrives in Asia

Keeping people’s skills current is the biggest talent challenge of our time with 86 million APAC workers requiring upskilling to remain ahead of technological changes. Increases in remote working, advances in technology, and the ongoing push toward more automation make upskilling and reskilling increasingly critical. Capability Group + Degreed have partnered to bring the Degreed platform to Asia, giving you the tools to align your people’s skills with your business imperatives — so everyone comes out on top.

Singapore-based Capability Group are Organisation Development and Talent Development consultants operating at the intersection of behavioural psychology, learning design, and learning technology. Capability Group curates a number of “best of breed” technology and digital content solutions carefully selected to provide measurable skills lift, knowledge lift, mindset shift, behaviour change and learning impact at scale.

Capability Group CEO, Drew McGuire, says, “We are really selective about the technology partners we choose to work with and whose products we bring to the region. For us it’s all about measurable impact, skills lift and behaviour change! Degreed delivers on all of these things and more so we are really excited about our partnership. I’ve been watching the evolution of Degreed since it first appeared in 2013 and I’ve always been a big fan. The Degreed platform will provide unique benefits to our clients, supporting them to grow and build the skills they need for the future economy and provide unique skills insights from the powerful data and analytics within the platform. With Capability Group now providing on-the-ground support for Degreed sales and services across South East Asia we are looking forward to assisting our clients to ensure they have the skills they need to thrive and flourish in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.”

Degreed’s Regional Vice President APAC, Venkat Subramaniam says, “We are delighted to partner with Capability Group in Asia which is key to Degreed's growth strategy, offering diverse opportunities across verticals and countries that are experiencing significant skills shifts. This will accelerate Degreed which is already making good progress in the region with marquee wins!”

He continues stating, “Financial, Retail, Manufacturing and Tech Services companies are investing substantially to up-skill / re-skill / cross-skill their workforce to retain their competitive edge and remain relevant to market demands. Degreed and Capability Group is a perfect partnership to help organisations in the Asia region deliver impactful learning with proven business results.”

Andrew Worsdell, Head of Partnerships for APAC, says, “The commitment and expertise that Capability Group brings to the table is second-to-none and we are excited to see where the partnership takes Degreed in Asia. Three-quarters of employers in Asia believe their country has a significant skills gap and it’s only through tailored learning experiences that businesses can meaningfully bridge some of this gap.”

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About Degreed

Degreed is a technology suite that combines lifelong learning and data-driven development so organisations can accelerate workforce capabilities for greater impact and make skills the heart of all work.Degreed is the only learning platform that makes it easy for companies to deliver daily learning, deep skill-building, education benefits, real-time insights and expert services, while connecting to the most robust and open ecosystem. Each day, over 9 million learners from hundreds of global companies use Degreed to gain the skills to grow in their careers.

Degreed, founded in 2012, launched with the mission of “jailbreaking the degree” where all skills are recognised, irrespective of how they are acquired. Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Brisbane.

Learn more about Degreed: Website | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter

Degreed Media Contact
Jade Emmons | PR Manager

About Capability Group

Operating at the intersection of behavioural psychology, learning design, and learning technology, Capability Group is creating powerful learning experiences that transform individuals, teams, and organisational performance at scale.

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