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In March the world is celebrating International Women’s Day and this has generated a bit of buzz in the office here at Capability Group. There’s been a number of conversations where we’ve realized that we have all had the good fortune of being surrounded and influenced by a large number of remarkable women throughout our lives. From our mothers, our sisters, cousins, aunties, friends, partners, bosses and work colleagues … across all ages and stages of our lives. We want to celebrate that and acknowledge the women in our lives. We also recognize that globally there is still a long way to go for many women to realise their potential and this makes International Women”s Day even more important.

This year, Capability Group is celebrating Women’s month by launching a new video series called #ChooseToLead, a series of conversations with a remarkable group of 5 innovative and creative women who are having a significant impact across the globe and who we are lucky enough to collaborate with and call our friends; Carol Leaman, CEO Axonify, Kat Kennedy, Chief Experience Officer, Degreed, Emma Evans, Development Officer, OFC, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Poet & Jena Davidson, CEO, Jenson8. We hope the video series highlights what makes us different here at Capability Group and what we care about, our purpose … connecting people and changing lives through learning.

Through our digital channels we will be showcasing the stories of these 5 women, their careers, their leadership paths, their challenges, their entrepreneurial spirit, their influence & impact. These are great examples of women who create, inspire, innovate and lead. We know you are going to love their stories.

Watch the first episode in which Annie Kennedy, Senior Consultant at Capability Group, talks with Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify about her leadership path, her role as a mentor, her challenges of being a woman in the tech industry.

As we look ahead to the future of women globally, we are hugely optimistic. More & more women are choosing to lead whatever their age or stage of life. They are choosing to lead for good, choosing to lead together and embracing the next generation of leaders. To watch all of the stories click here.

Happy women’s day!


At Capability group, we support, elevate and empower diverse voices through our employees, partners & customers. We drive change & create a positive impact.

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