The ultimate guide for training your frontline banking employees

Invest in the digital transformation of learning for your frontline banking employees ensuring they are knowledgeable and providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Do your frontline banking employees receive the development opportunities they deserve?

With the rapid digitalization of banking and changing customer expectations the world of your frontline employees is changing rapidly.  Being able to deliver them regular personalised learning and communications in the flow of work is critical to support them to adapt and meet customer needs.

When you equipped your frontline with the skills they need today while preparing them for the future, you boost their knowledge and confidence to do their best work.

Things you will learn:
- What kind of support frontline employees really need today.
- How can L&D evolve their strategies and tactics to meet these needs now and into the future.
- How to measure the impact of employees learning.


Of frontline employees want to be able to complete training in a few minutes during the work day


Of frontline employeeswant their learning  experiences to be personalised andrelevant to their individual needs

About Capability Group & Degreed

We are an organisational development consultancy with offices in Singapore, Australia & New Zealand. Working at the intersection of behavioural psychology, learning design and technology, we design solutions that empower more than 1.5 million people across the APAC region to connect, learn and make a difference.

In partnership with Axonify, we bring a modern frontline training solution that it is fun, fast, personalised and designed to make learning stick, so behaviours change to drive the business results you need.

Explore how Axonify can boost knowledge retention of your frontline banking workforce today!