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Virtual Reality Learning Experience

Why immersive learning?

In today's world, deep functional expertise can no longer solve complex business issues

Leaders and teams need to be innovative in their problem solving, agile in reacting to change and fluent in pooling capability and thinking both within their teams and across disciplines. The immersive nature of multiplayer virtual reality training lends itself very well to developing these skill sets in leaders and their teams.

The power of immersive VR experiences


More confident to act onwhat they learned aftertraining


More focused than their e-learning peers


More emotionally connected to content than classroom learners

A next-generation virtual reality learning experience powered by Jenson8

RevealVR combines behavioural psychology, engaging gamification and expert facilitation to revolutionise leadership and team development.

Our immersive VR experiences activate the same part of the brain used when performing an action in the real world.

Leaders become immersed in this intense environment and show their authentic, natural and intuitive reactions to different situations.

This experiential approach enables accelerated self-awareness and learning impact through structured facilitation and feedback.

Enhance learning impact with RevealVR

Backed by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and validated psychometrics

Comes with a full library of applications that feature coaching, assessment, team building, leadership, and professional development

Customizable to leverage your own training content

Available for delivery onsite or online. Anywhere. Anytime

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