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Tackling Digital Disruption on the Frontline of Retail Banking

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Shawn Kanungo
Innovation Strategist
Alan Richardson VP, Learning & Performance RBC

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Financial Services organisations that invest in digital transformation strategies are better equipped to face business disruption—and including frontline retail banking employees in these strategies unlocks even greater competitive advantage.

This webinar brings together disruption innovator Shawn Kanungo and guest executive Alan Richardson, VP of Learning and Performance at RBC, to dig into this topic.

Hear how one of the world’s biggest banks navigated seismic business changes during the 2020 global pandemic, and prepared their banking employees to deliver stand-out banking service to over 17 million clients worldwide—all without compromising on excellent customer experience.

Things you will learn:

- How to approach a digital transformation strategy rollout, from the corporate level down to each and every employee.

- Tips and tricks on how to advocate for investing in your frontline workforce.

- Why generating bottom-line results with frontline training needs to be a part of your digital transformation strategy.