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Leadership Programme

300 people leaders
3 leadership programmes
XXX resources


To bring Sport NZ’s new leadership framework to life, creating tools and resources to ultimately build capability across the sector.


After spending 18 months engaging with the sports and recreation sector to gain input on a Leadership Framework, Sport NZ approached Capability Group for advice on bringing the 67 page document to life, communicating the framework to the sector and creating tools, resources, and a capability building system for the 180,000 employees and volunteers in the sector.


Capability Group created a suite of resources including animations, infographics, guides for self development, workshops to introduce the framework and resources, and a website to host the resources. We then designed and developed three leadership programmes: Executive Leaders, Future Leaders, and Women in Leadership. The intent was to build the leadership capability and networks of a key group of approximately 300 people leaders that would then champion and start to build the capability of their teams in their respective organisations.


Strong networks were established in cohorts and some have continued to meet in Learning Hubs. Some have collaborated in various projects across the sector through their new networks. A common language and models of leadership is developing across the sector. Participants were taking their learning back to their own teams and applying tools and activities creating a ripple effect across their community. Anecdotal evidence of leaders using the tools in Puna to drive relevant activities with their teams. The Puna website is also well used.

“An unexpected learning from this programme was how much we all had in common and how supportive and collaborative the group was”.

Jodie Brunger, Community Sport Manager